Healthcare’s Predictive Pioneers

Healthcare industry’s complexity is mind boggling.    There are multiple stakeholders (Patients, Physicians, employers, insurance firms, government and so on.), huge volume of data to be analysed, varying levels of regulations on privacy, compliance and access, complex workflows spanning different stakeholders, rising healthcare costs and many more.

Not surprisingly, the healthcare software industry has been rising up to the challenge to address the complexity.   A few of these innovations are evolutionary in nature such as better management of health records, improved diagnostic procedures and automation of current routine tasks.   A few others are revolutionary in nature such as predictive and proactive care by leveraging predictive analytics capabilities, personalized care by analyzing genetic/individual data, advanced remote monitoring tools and so on.

Irrespective of whether the innovation is incremental or radical, a software vendor needs a north-star to guide their product innovations and the product development strategy.  Thought-Leadership originating from the practitioners and the industry experts who are living in the healthcare world day in and day out, would have tremendous potential to steer and chart the future of healthcare.

These practitioners and healthcare industry experts are the pioneers.

The Predictive Pioneers of Healthcare.

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