Healthcare Pioneer: Dr. Raman Khanna


Dr. Raman Khanna is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Hospital Medicine at UCSF and Physician Lead for Inpatient Informatics at UCSF Medical Center. He received his BA and MD, and subsequently completed his residency, at Northwestern University, following which he completed a research fellowship and Masters in Clinical Research at UCSF.

Dr. Raman’s current role is at

What gets you up in the morning? What keeps you awake?

Thinking about innovations that make workflow smoother, doctors and patients happier, and care safer gets me up in the morning. Worrying about poor workflow and about innovation not happening fast enough or uniformly enough is what keeps me up at night.

Where and how do you see the healthcare industry evolving in the short or medium term (1 to 5 yrs)?

I see Healthcare evolving out of the hospital, towards larger and larger players, and towards more value-based partnerships between payors, providers and patients. I see digital health IT both helping and hindering this effort, and I see regulation playing a role in both. I see a shift towards interoperability and improved app development.

Can you list and elaborate on a couple of major trends in the healthcare industry as it relates to application of predictive capabilities?

The generation of vast troves of contextual data in the course of routine care is likely to lead to a slew of predictive models. I am skeptical that these will initially be either improvements over existing tools, or actionable, but over time they may well take on value in tailoring interventions.

(Please stay tuned for further insights from Dr. Raman Khanna)

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