4 Clues That It’s Time for a Technology Optimization Review

Many companies are using technology implemented five or even 10 years ago designed to meet their needs at that time. But over the years, has it kept up with sea changes that have taken place in our industry?

Recent years have brought major shifts, including: more employee control over work schedules, increased demand for real-time data and greater consistency in technology and processes across the entire enterprise.

It pays to do a technology review every three to five years. Ask yourself these questions to

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Does Your Medical Practice Meet Patient Expectations?

Things are changing. By the year 2019, millennials or Gen Y are poised to overtake baby boomers as the largest generation and will influence substantial changes in the healthcare market. Patients young and old are now savvy and vocal consumers of their healthcare choices. They’re paying more out of pocket, so They’re expecting a higher level of service and technology-enabled conveniences. They’re jumping online to check reviews, scheduling appointments with providers who are the most accessible (bonus points for providers offering video visits) and using apps to comparison-shop prescription drug prices.

Why should medical practices pay attention to

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The latest technology in health care

MEDITECH Associate Vice President Cathy Turner was featured in Minority Nurse’s blog called “The Latest Technology in Health Care.” Turner, along with other industry thought leaders, gives her take on what technology is coming in the not-too-distant future and how it will impact nurses.

Below is an excerpt from the Minority Nurse blog:

Technology in health care is always changing and improving—this means

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Engagement without Commitment: The Healthcare Dilemma

My colleague and friend, Lynn, has been engaged eleven times — but still longs for a real connection. “What is wrong with this gal?” you say. “She must be the problem.”

She has a problem, alright; her healthcare providers are not connected electronically and she needs them to be. They just can’t commit.

There is a lot of focus today on Patient Engagement. Conceptually, the more engaged patients are


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How Digital Transformation is Impacting Health Care

Digital disruption is changing the health care industry. Electronic health records have led to big data, and a shift in consumer behavior patterns means that patients want and expect easy, convenient access to their health data. Health care organizations must continually evolve at the rapid pace of technological advancement to provide high-quality, patient-centered care.

At this stage, digital disruption is about shifting the way we think about technology and reshaping the way we provide the health care experience. Traditionally, from a hospital physician perspective, you expect the patient to come to you. Now, the patient and consumers expect the medical service to

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When reducing clicks isn’t the right thing to do

Clinician burden is an important topic in the world of health IT. Addressing clinician burden requires a system approach as there are external and internal factors that affect clinician experience.

Every stakeholder across the industry must do its part to improve clinician experience. Health IT solutions should

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