Pushing the Boundaries of Interoperability

Lewes, Del., is a busy coastal city whose population consists of year-round residents, inclusive of a thriving retiree community with snowbirds (folks who migrate to warmer climates during the winter), and tourists (summertime beach goers). Two years ago, Lewes local, Beebe Medical Group (BMG), presented athenahealth’s interoperability team with a major problem. Providers were having difficulty finding the relevant care story for patients during encounters, especially with its transient snowbird and tourist populations. There was a heavy reliance on the patient’s memory, fax requests, and the local HIE (DHIN) to learn about the patient’s history, and BMG needed an easy, reliable, and universal solution to improve patient care.

BMG is a part of a larger health system, Beebe Healthcare. While BMG manages its ambulatory practices utilizing athenahealth, there’s an additional piece to this puzzle—Beebe’s medical center, also owned by Beebe Healthcare, who utilizes Cerner to manage the inpatient facilities

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Precision Medicine: Healthcare’s Next Big Breakthrough?

As exciting as PMI is, however, it isn’t without its challenges. It takes time to engage patients, collect data, and begin to implement the research gained from the NIH cohort of over one million U.S. participants. Although the large-scale initiative was announced more than a year ago, the S4S pilot is  still in the initial stages of this project as the vendors collaborate to build the technological infrastructure which will undergird future research….

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