How Digital Transformation is Impacting Health Care

Digital disruption is changing the health care industry. Electronic health records have led to big data, and a shift in consumer behavior patterns means that patients want and expect easy, convenient access to their health data. Health care organizations must continually evolve at the rapid pace of technological advancement to provide high-quality, patient-centered care.

At this stage, digital disruption is about shifting the way we think about technology and reshaping the way we provide the health care experience. Traditionally, from a hospital physician perspective, you expect the patient to come to you. Now, the patient and consumers expect the medical service to

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Fixing the EHR Usability Problem

The HITECH Act resulted in near universal adoption of electronic health records (96 percent in hospitals and nine out of ten physician offices, according to the latest ONC tally) and having all that clinical information in electronic form is a remarkable advance.

It enables a wide range of possibilities for improving care, assessing its value, and managing populations in ways that might actually improve our collective health and reduce the overall health care bill…….

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Fixing the EHR Usability Problem