4 Clues That It’s Time for a Technology Optimization Review

Many companies are using technology implemented five or even 10 years ago designed to meet their needs at that time. But over the years, has it kept up with sea changes that have taken place in our industry?

Recent years have brought major shifts, including: more employee control over work schedules, increased demand for real-time data and greater consistency in technology and processes across the entire enterprise.

It pays to do a technology review every three to five years. Ask yourself these questions to

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From data to information to knowledge to wisdom

Where healthcare execs would like to see analytics go from here

I recently sat in on a panel discussion on analytics with CEOs and CIOs. One CEO shared the vision for his hospital, “I’d like to see us move from having lots of data to having actionable information, which will increase our knowledge and eventually lead to wisdom across our organization.”

I thought, what a succinct and clear statement! And then he laughed and said……

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