Engagement without Commitment: The Healthcare Dilemma

My colleague and friend, Lynn, has been engaged eleven times — but still longs for a real connection. “What is wrong with this gal?” you say. “She must be the problem.”

She has a problem, alright; her healthcare providers are not connected electronically and she needs them to be. They just can’t commit.

There is a lot of focus today on Patient Engagement. Conceptually, the more engaged patients are


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Increasing Patient Involvement: 4 Rules of Engagement

Allowing patients to be more engaged with their care can help people be healthier and deliver better health outcomes. Technology is seen as a key enabler.

However, technology-enabled patient engagement is evolving. Globally, most countries exhibit a relatively low level of maturity of common patient engagement online functions such as patient access to medical records, appointment booking or communication with clinicians through secure messaging.

With many nations looking to further engage patients in their own care, the following considerations should be borne in mind………

Increasing Patient Involvement: 4 Rules of Engagement