Does Your Medical Practice Meet Patient Expectations?

Things are changing. By the year 2019, millennials or Gen Y are poised to overtake baby boomers as the largest generation and will influence substantial changes in the healthcare market. Patients young and old are now savvy and vocal consumers of their healthcare choices. They’re paying more out of pocket, so They’re expecting a higher level of service and technology-enabled conveniences. They’re jumping online to check reviews, scheduling appointments with providers who are the most accessible (bonus points for providers offering video visits) and using apps to comparison-shop prescription drug prices.

Why should medical practices pay attention to

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Is Real

Ten years ago artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare was only realized in movies and sci-fi specials. Today the AI movement has caught up to reality and day-to-day healthcare in a big way. Many patients are unaware that when they are discharged for the hospital in leading institutions, an AI based predicative algorithm calculates the risk of their re-admission and provides guidance for discharge nurses as to the best means to minimize anticipated complications and an avoidable readmission. AI innovation is allowing clinicians and service workers to ….

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