Infographic: How to Market Your Practice

If you’re a physician or healthcare professional, chances are good you’re too busy administering patient care to worry about implementing a new marketing strategy.

These days, marketing is a basic requirement for any business. Without a marketing strategy for your medical practice, you could be at risk of losing

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Infographic: Protecting Patient Information in the Age of Data Breaches

There’s no denying that healthcare data breaches are escalating in frequency, size, and cost to providers. But, is this just the beginning?

Healthcare data breaches are escalating

In a recent TED Talk on cybercrime, Caleb Barlow remarked that in 2015 alone 100 million people lost their health insurance data to thieves. Despite the growing urgency of ransomware attacks on the healthcare industry, federal funding to prevent cybersecurity threats remains in the thousands, while the cost of these breaches is estimated to be in the millions. Recently, a breach that occurred after a server of the Orleans Medical Clinic was hacked left patient information accessible to thieves for more than 12 days. While the personal information available in health care records remains so  lucrative for criminals, it’s up to healthcare providers to stay vigilant in….

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