The Benefits of Cloud Solutions in Healthcare

Rapidly advancing technology has changed the game for nearly all industries. The healthcare industry is no exception as it has been directly affected by this digital transformation. It is expected that the healthcare cloud computing market will double in the United States, from 5.7 billion dollars to 10.2 billion dollars by 2022. (BCC Research report). This shift greatly benefits both providers and patients as summarized below.


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3 Benefits of Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

Patient appointment reminders may not appear to be a vital component of a small to mid size practice at first glance. However, with a closer look the benefits of patient appointment reminders are evident. For some, organizing seems second nature, but for others it is a tumultuous process. Your time as a physician is extremely valuable, and all of the minutes of potential treatments lost to “no-show” appointments can be costly for your practice. Momento Medical states that depending on specialty, a reduction as little as 1% of no show appointment can increase…..

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